Sergey Sirotkin

The driver was born on August 27, 1995 in Moscow. He started to go in for karting when he was 7 and in 2006 he became the champion of Moscow, in 2006-2008 – the champion of Russia. Then he moved to the European karting and competed in different series in the KF2 and KF-3 classes. In 2010 he started to compete in the formula series and took part in the Italian Formula Abarth. In 2011 he became the vice champion of this series and the champion of the Formula Abarth Euroseries. In 2012 he became the prize taker of the Auto GP World Series and Italian Formula 3. In 2012 he competed in two races of Formula Renault 3.5 and in 2013 he competed the full season and finished at the 9th place in the individual event. In August he was invited to the Formula-1 team – Sauber and became the test driver of the Swiss “stable”. In 2014 he continued to compete in Formula Renault 3.5 and took the fifth line in the final event.

Карьера пилота:  Karting / Moscow Karting Championship: champion / The Russian Karting Championship: the double champion / Formula Abarth / Formula Abarth Euro: champion / Auto GP WS Formula Renault 3.5 F3 Italy / Formula Renault 3.5. Test driver of the Formula-1 Team – Sauber / Formula Renault 3.5. Test driver of the Formula-1 Team – Sauber / GP Series: P3

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