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Championship card
FIA Formula 3 Championship
The championship is a successor of the European Formula 3 Championship, which is emerged with the GP3 series since 2019. Unlike its predecessor the FIA F3 2019 is held exclusively in support of Formula 1 races.

Formula 3 promises to be one of the most exciting championships in the world of motorsport. The competition was designed to become an ideal training ground for drivers for both Formula 2 and, ultimately, for Formula 1. In 2019, the F3 is equipped with a 3.4-liter custom-made 6-cylinder Mecachrome engine, which develops 380 hp. Using unified chassis, engine and Pirelli tires, young drivers demonstrate their skills in both speed and tire management, which is a necessary for climbing up the career ladder in motorsport.

The starting grid of the sprint race on Sunday is determined according to the results of the Saturday’s feature race. A reverse starting grid allows drivers to show their skills in overtaking and fighting for a win.
Championship includes 45-minute training session and a 30-minute qualifying on Friday, Saturday and Sunday races. The distance of them is set in advance, as they should not last more than forty minutes.