Boris Rotenberg accepts FIA Formula 3 championship prize on behalf of Robert Shwartzman

8 December 2019/

Boris Rotenberg attended the annual awards ceremony of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), which took place on December 6 in Paris, France.

The founder and leader of the Russian motorsport development program SMP Racing accepted the prize for winning the FIA Formula 3 title on behalf of Robert Shwartzman, who won the championship in his rookie season with the Prema Racing team. Robert himself was unable to attend the award ceremony because he was taking part in FIA Formula 2 post-season testing, as part of his preparation for his first season in the championship.

“I am very pleased to receive an award for one of the strongest and most promising drivers of our program,” Boris Rotenberg, founder and head of the SMP Racing program, said. “Of course, I would have liked Robert to go up on the stage himself and take this prize, but today he is busy with post-season testing in Abu Dhabi, which of course is very important. Next year, Shwartzman moves to Formula 2, a difficult and serious championship, and we wish him the best possible preparation for this. Last season, Robert showed his talent and deservedly received the highest award. We are proud of him and hope that next year we will again have the chance to attend this award ceremony.”

At an event in Paris, President of the Russian Automobile Federation Victor Kiryanov also received an award for organizing the Russian team, which won the first FIA International Motorsports Games on November 1-3 in Rome in Italy. The national team consisted of drivers from various motorsport disciplines, including SMP Racing drivers Pavel Bulantsev and Denis Bulatov. All team members received prizes from the International Automobile Federation.
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