SMP Racing drivers Denis Bulatov and Pavel Bulantsev joined the Russian national team at the 2019 FIA Motorsport Games

15 August 2019/ smp

SMP Racing drivers Denis Bulatov and Pavel Bulantsev will be part of the Russian national team at the 2019 FIA Motorsport Games, which will take place on October 31 - November 3 in Italy.

On August 12, President of the Russian Automobile Federation (RAF) Viktor Kiryanov met with the drivers who will represent Russia at the first ever International Motorsport Games.

The national team includes:


Denis Bulatov. 20 years old, SMP Racing driver, participant of the BLANCPAIN GT Endurance Cup, participant of the 2018 Nations Cup in Bahrain - 4th place, license - FIA SILVER.

Rinat Salikhov. 33 years old, participant of the 2018 Nations Cup, one of the fastest drivers with FIA BRONZE license. 3rd place in the BLANCPAIN GT Series (ProAM class).


Formula 4
Pavel Bulantsev. 16 years old, SMP Racing junior driver, silver medalist of the European Karting Championship (2016), participant of the SMP Formula 4 Championship.

Klim Gavrilov. 19 years old, winner of the SMP Russian Circuit Racing Championship rounds in the Touring class, participant of TCR Italy and winner on of the rounds.

Olesya Vashchuk. Vladislav Bushuev.
Reserve driver: Dmitry Makarov

Ilya Fedorov. 33 years old, 4-time winner of the Russian Drift Series

GT Esports
Vasily Anufriev. 40 years old, FIA Esports winner and holder of the top 'SS' rating on the video game Gran Turismo Sport, which is recognised by the FIA.

The International Motorsport Games will take place in Italy, at the Vallelunga circuit from October 31 to November 3. The games are organized by the International Automobile Federation (FIA), as an equivalent of the Olympic Games in order to demonstrate the level of development of national motorsport. Motorsport games are a competition of national motorsport teams, competing under the flags of their countries. The awards for the results in each discipline will make up the overall medal standings of each Federation representing its country. In 2019, the FIA Motorsport Games includes 6 disciplines: GT, TCR, Formula 4, drift, karting and GT Esports.

I am grateful to SMP Racing and the RAF for the opportunity to represent our country at such an important international competition as the FIA Motorsport Games, SMP Racing driver Denis Bulatov said. Rinat Salikhov and I already have an experience of participating in such a competition, last year we were classified fourth in the FIA Nations Cup. We know the rules, some of our rivals and will try to achieve the highest result, a gold medal for our Russian team.

International motorsport games will be the first competitions of such a high level and status for me, SMP Racing junior driver Pavel Bulantsev added. It is very nice that SMP Racing and the RAF gave me an opportunity to be part of our national team. I will work hard to do my best and help our team."

RAF President Victor Kiryanov said: I congratulate each of you on the new status - the status of a member of the Russian national motorsport team. You have succeeded in your country. Now you have a chance to show our motorsport to the world. To reach a new level of sporting achievement. You are the face of our federation and your country. I really believe in each of you. I believe that with your achievements you will strengthen the sporting glory of Russia. I believe that you will improve your skills, show your devotion to our country, moral and ethical qualities. You will increase your knowledge of international sports culture and ethics. You will do your best to create a great team spirit between each other, fair rivalry, respectful attitude to the leadership and managers of the national team, stewards and spectators. I believe that you will fight for the purity of sports and will not violate the sports regime, will not use stimulants (drugs, doping) prohibited by the FIA and the RAF. I really want you to show yourself as worthy representatives of our sport and of your generation - those boys and girls who admire you, who also dream of someday deserving the right to be in the national team of their country. I really want you to live up to the hopes and love of your parents and their generation. You are their present and future. You are the new generation of the golden composition of Russian motorsport.

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